Sree Digital Signatures is brand of D J Corporate Services Private Limited : Sree PDF Signer API

You can sign any PDF Documents. For example: Invoices, Credit Note, Purchase Note, HR Documents with flexible and multiple options. Feature of Sree PDF Signer API: No third party Server Connection and all the process will be done in your system or server. More secure because no third party server connection even you are using API. You could Pass exact x & y axis value to API or You could sign PDF Files by searching word (Ex: Authorised Signatory, Director, Partner, Company Secretary, Manager). Customizable Option: Signature Font, Signature Description, All size of PDF file compatible (Ex: A4, A3, Letterhead, Legal). Company Name and Place for Signing.
You could sign multiple pages, multiple files or Folder You could add any image to background or left side of the Signature. You can encrypt PDF Files by Password and Encryption Certificate. Once you encrypt the PDF File, then file will be opened with password or Encryption Certificate. Without encryption certificate file will not be opened. No restriction on number of Sign or Pages or Files or Folder. Unlimited for One Year Validity. You can use our Sree PDF Signer Rest API in multiple place or process flow. And no restriction on number of signature or documents. Very lowest price and best support for integration.
Advantages of Digital Signature Process Implementation to the Company: It will reduce operating Cost of the Company. For example printing papers, printer, printer toner, scanner, scanning timing, electricity bill, employee timing, and courier charges. It will avoid delayed payments from the customers. Signed invoices can be sent through email. Tracking of invoices is easy. Authorized Signatory can check and sign documents anywhere in the world. No delay in process or delivery of the Goods and services because of Authorized Signatory’s sign.
More secure than physical signature. Digital Signature Certificate will be provided to the Applicant by verifying his Photo, proofs, OTP through mobile/email id and video verification. Therefore, no one can get another person’s Digital Signature Certificate. Legally valid: Indian law has recognised electronic signatures, or e-signatures, under the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act) for over 18 years. It also generally allows documents to be signed using any form of e-signatures. Save Paper. Save Trees – Go Digital: Trees will be saved by using Digital Signature Certificate. It will save Trees and Life environment. Trees are gift from nature, save them for sustainable future.
Example: Per day – Rs.10,000/- Operating Expenses (Paper cost, Courier cost, Employee time cost, Scanning cost, Letter head cost, Document Storage Cost, Electricity Bill) 365 days – Rs.36,50,000/- (Rs.10,000/-*365) – You could save even more…… Our all update will be free for whole year….