Company Profile?

Company Means: A company may be an incorporated company or a corporation or an unincorporated company. An incorporated company is a single and legal person distinct from the individuals constituting it, whereas an unincorporated company, such as a Partnership, is a mere collection or aggregation of individuals. Company – Its Nature Advantages of Corporate Form of Enterprises: 1. Corporate Personality A Company is a separate legal entity it bears its

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature, which should not be confused with a digital certificate, is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or a digital document. A digital signature, as opposed to a traditional signature, is not a name but two “keys” or sequences of separated characters. It applies cryptographic measures to the content of a message or document in order to show the following to the message’s recipient:

How Do Digital Signatures Really Work?

Need of Digital Signatures Before getting into the concept of digital signatures, you might be thinking that is there really a need of digital signatures? I mean isn’t the paperwork serving our needs. Isn’t the traditional method we are following good enough? Well, the answer is simple, yes, we do need digital signatures as the entire work process is going online. The traditional method of paperwork is quite cumbersome to serve the

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